::::   I N C R E D I B L E   N E W S   ::::


Join now for a chance to win at least 500 bucks!
And we're capping this pool at 55 people, so while the competition will be fierce... it won't be too fierce. 


We're extending the sign-up period to October 1!
Any rejections you accrue from Sept. 15 onward still count toward the pool, no matter when you register.

The rules for the rejection pool have changed!

In response to your helpful feedback, we've made some changes to the structure of the Rejection Pool:

1.  You no longer need to be a theater professional to join the pool!
Artists, arts administrators, and academics of all stripes are now invited to apply!

2. We're extending the rejection accumulation period through April 15!
This way, you can reap the benefits of being rejected from the things you apply for this fall.

What is the Rejection Pool?

The Rejection Pool works like a sports pool: you buy a share in the pool and then the winner--in this case, the person who accumulates the most professional rejections--wins the money in the pool. 

How does the Rejection Pool work?

Every time you receive a professional rejection--letter, text, email, skywriting--snap a picture and submit it to us. The person who accumulates the most rejections between September 15, 2016 and April 15, 2017 wins ALLLL THE MONEY IN THE POOL*. That could be, like, $1000! And there are no strings attached. Use it to fund a project, or to pay your gas bill, or to spend a romantic weekend in Montauk. You've applied to a lot of stuff! You've earned it!

*Play Date uses 7-10% of the pool to cover the costs of running it.

Who can join?

If you're an artist, a writer, a musician, an arts administrator, or an academic, you're in! The Rejection Pool was created with theater artists and professionals in mind, but the cry for a more inclusive pool was so great that we just had to open it up.

Not sure whether you qualify? Drop us a line at playdate.petes@gmail.com. 

How do I sign up and what does that entail, exactly?

You sign up by clicking the giant button above or this modest link here: Sign Up Now. You give us your name, your discipline (actor, playwright, designer, etc.), and pay in $18... and that's it! For the cost of a Fringe show (minus service fees, of course), you could win $1000 just by doing what you already do. You'll receive an email with instructions for submitting your rejections and once they start rolling in, you'll be able to visit the Play Date website to see a leaderboard and some of our favorite rejections. 

This time around, the Rejection Pool is in beta. We're inviting a small number of our friends, collaborators, and acquaintances (that's you!) to participate so that we can work out the kinks. If you're desperate to get in but the pool is sold out, don't worry! We'll be opening registration for the next pool soon.

Do all rejections count?

Yes (mostly)! Grad school, fellowships, play submissions, professional development programs, grants, jobs, auditions... if it's related to your professional development as an artist, arts administrator, or academic, then it counts. You are welcome to send us evidence of your romantic rejections if you just need a friendly ear.

Who are you and why are you doing this?

We are Willie Johnson and Sarah Stites and we're doing this because we're tired of feeling sad. It stinks that putting yourself out there so often results in disappointment. We wanted to find a way to incentivize rejection so that we feel encouraged to expand our professional horizons and feel consoled when we don't.